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By Chloe Sargeant. An Indigenous university student has started sharing the frequent racist messages he receives on gay dating app, Grindr to show the wider community how common racist dialogue is on dating platforms, particularly in the gay scene. In Social. Trending Topics My anxious cat is making me question my parenting skills.

Special Report: What Does It Mean To Be Gay And Asian In Britain?

What makes a person fake their own voice? Hae Min Lee is more than just a victim. When a ghost creeps into your bed: Jason also felt that other Asian men were culturally more family orientated and more open to monogamy and dating, whereas western guys appeared to be focused on sex. As Eric continued to talk, he revealed how he became more comfortable with his cultural heritage growing up. It was during that process he became more open to dating other Asian men.

Jason also recalled a similar experience. He believes some Asian men go through a journey where they discover themselves in life, and then are ready to date other Asians. In a sense, being able to attain this whiteness even through association through others marks a sense that we belong to this sort of class. Growing up as an Asian person in Australia can also be a disorientating experience be- cause of the bodies that surround us.

We might personally wish that we had blue eyes and blond hair so we fit in to the represented ideal or normal person. And in addition to our sense of selves, our skewed ideals of romance are constructed through the same lens. On the contrary, if our experiences of Asian, or othered coloured men are reduced to shallow stereotypes, then how are we expected to believe in or love them?

Caucasian skin tends to be thinner and looser, and more susceptible to wrinkling at an earlier age. What this means is that your year-old Abercrombie model will see his looks depreciate considerably by age 35, and will almost certainly wind up in the visual bargain bin by age You look 10 years younger! And even if you luck out, it may be short lived.

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A disproportionate number of my old, lonely gay friends are Asians and the one thing they share in common is a strong preference to date exclusively white guys. If gay Asians want to do themselves a favor, they might consider being more open-minded to dating any other race besides white men, perhaps even giving other Asians a chance.

Two gay men swap Grindr profiles to highlight racism on LGBTQ+ dating apps

Well I know this article is not objective in many aspects, but as an asian gay man who prefer white men for some physical reasons…I admit I feel l am so shallow after reading this article. I have advanced degree in engineering field, but I obviously am a ignorant dumb in the gay dating world.

Despite some insecure feelings emerge, what I can do is continue to make myself better and wait for the right one. Well first of all I think your comments are kind of biased and racist if I may. I am white, duh, lol and I have dated every color and size of man.

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People are people and if you are superficial as many people of every color and sex are you will attract those. I found the love of my life and he happens to be Asian.

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  2. GROWING up as a queer Asian person in Australia can be a unique and tiring ordeal..
  3. 32 Things Gay Asian Men Are Really Tired Of Hearing?
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It did not matter to me if he was the color purple. I think if more gay Asian men like many of my black gay friends were to shed the idea of being different and ignore the stupid white guys out there you would be better off. Dumb is color blind. After all, as much as online dating services is concerned, the Internet remains to be a virtual world, plus some individuals are not shy about lying to other people.

Men can join an online dating sites site with a few few corresponding fees and infrequently for free. I love Chinese men. A quick word to gay white men: But we need to examine our preferences and give some thought to the cultural forces that may have shaped them. And while racism is a problem in the gay community sometimes thoughtless, sometimes malicious, always unacceptable , according to U. The last word goes to Booster: We like that you like us.

But liking us solely because of our race can be uncomfortable at best, and creepy as hell at worst. Follow him on Twitter jeffchu. Follow Joel Kim Booster on Twitter ihatejoelkim.

I am an Italian bisexual year-old guy. A few weeks ago, I had sex with a female university colleague.

But I liked having sex with a woman. Am I destined to be unfaithful? Italians pet with their teeth? Good to know.

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Creeping yuppiedom is enveloping it; what was once the bar next door now advertises shrimp with saffron and orange on the blackboard outside.

Jeff Gannon, George W. Bush's Back Door Man.

It smelled like conspiracy: a former male escort who was going by a fake name and had Jeff Gannon in Washington, D.C., on March 24, James Dale Guckert (born May 22, ) is an American conservative columnist better known . Jeff Gannon, whose naked pictures have appeared on a number of gay escort sites, says that he has 'regrets' about his past but that . " Gannon comes out: Former escort, conservative reporter grilled on White House visits".

Parishioners, 80 percent of whom are black, have been priced out of the neighborhood and have a hard time parking when they come back. Walk-in traffic is sparse, especially for the Wednesday-night service. Gannon, a red hymnal in his hand, arrived a minute or two late one recent Wednesday, but there was good cause: He is one of 6 people, 3 white and 3 black, in the hall, which holds A few blocks away, past a pocket park—Gannon dumps his coffee grounds there once a week to feed the conifers, and lobbied to plant marigolds and begonias—is his simple ground-floor apartment.

In one corner of his bookcase, near a portrait of Jesus, is a mini-library on the Marines: Marine Corps Battle Color Ceremony. A laminated photo of the Iwo Jima memorial, along with his Christmas picture with the Bushes, he uses as coasters. If you want a friend in Washington, Harry Truman famously said, get a dog. Gannon did Truman one better, bringing Winston with him, and it turned out to be a wise move.


As we speak about his peculiar adventure, Gannon veers between indignation and sadness, defiance and amusement. Everyone—the politicians, the bloggers, the media—was making money off of this but him, he laments. Keith Olbermann should thank him, he says; without Gannongate his news program, which has covered the case extensively, would surely have been canceled.

So should Armstrong Williams, for distracting everyone from his malfeasance. On JeffGannon. Of course, as Dan Froomkin of washingtonpost. Or perhaps it is now Jeff Gannon who is divorced from reality. The magazine published a postscript to this article in the March issue.

Wrong Man, Wrong Place

David Margolick is a Vanity Fair contributing editor. Investigative journalist Richard Gooding has spent 30 years as a New York newspaper editor. Vanity Fair. Sign In. Our essential brief on culture, the news, and more. And it's on the house. Share Email. A Tale of Two P. Strategies Vanity Fair. Crowning Glory: Cannes Film Festival One of the more ironic examples was when, during the s, a white southern senator was caught with a black prostitute. Said a civil rights leader, "Oh he's just one of those sunup to sundown segregationists. There is this quality to the tale of a gay plant at Bush news conferences.

One wonders, for example, if in the wake the Gannon matter George Bush will now come out in favor a Sanctity in News Conferences amendment to the Constitution. Further, the military subtext of Gannon's site suggests similar ruminations. One might even speculate on the homoerotic themes of military service and behavior or even on war as the ultimate closeted gay sado-masochistic affair.

If so, what a price the world has paid for its homophobia.

Jeff Gannon, George W. Bush's Back Door Man. - Unconfirmed Sources

The ability to cover up scandal or crime is also much greater in Washington. This may be accomplished by relying on the social club rules of the federal city, through the aid of acquiescent journalists, by official spin or censorship, or by resort to the capital's various law enforcement agencies, each one beholden for budget and top appointments to some federal department. For example, both the Attorney General and the U.

Attorney who handles all DC crimes are appointed by the president. And the Metropolitan Police Department and the Capitol Police are under the thumb of Congress, which approves their budgets and exercises behind-the-scenes authority. There is not a single police agency within the boundaries of Washington that does not report to the politicians of Congress or the White House. In short, a sting.

Obviously Guckert-Gannon is highly connected. Is not beyond reason that his provocative web sites may have been created as part of some type of a DOD sting directed toward military personnel - Don't ask, don't tell. James D. Guckert, using the name Jeff Gannon and possibly other aliases, was also running gay porn sites, one with a U. Marine Corps theme that solicited males for prostitution. However, rumors in the gay community are circulating about McClellan frequenting gay bars in Austin, Texas.

One White House reporter expressed revulsion over the fact that it was Fleischer who took away press credential from the late long-time White House correspondent Sarah McClendon and handed them to Gannon. Ambassador Joseph Wilson to Niger to investigate claims, which turned out to be false, that Iraq had attempted to procure yellowcake uranium from the West African country. The Wilson case ultimately led to a leak to the media by unnamed White House staff of Wilson's wife's name and identity as a covert CIA agent.

It was also revealed that Jeffgannon. The phone number provided is The registrant for a series of web sites, including Jeffgannon. Bedrock is owned by Jim Guckert, the apparent real identity of Jeff Gannon. The administrative contact for Bedrock was listed as "J. Daniels," possibly another alias. After the Gannon story broke, militaryescorts. Bush presidential library. Experts who track illegal content on the web, including child pornography, report that such sites are common where log-in information is provided separately by regular mail so that the identities of subscribers cannot be easily tracked by online enrollment and entry of credit card information.

Bush—in a child prostitution and pedophilia scandal. King was later convicted and jailed for fraud but pedophile and prostitution charges were never brought against him and other Nebraska Republican businessmen and politicians. Bush administration and GOP. Child prostitutes from Boys Town and other orphanages in Nebraska as well as children procured from China were reportedly flown to Washington for sexcapades with Republican politicians.

Young male members of the military in Washington, DC, were particularly sought after by the prostitution ring.

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During the early s, a number of naval officers were implicated in a child pornography ring that extended from Oregon to the San Francisco Bay area and to Chicago and Washington, DC. The story about that ring was covered up by then-Secretary of the Navy John Lehman.

The Nebraska pedophile scandal was similarly covered up on orders from the highest levels of power in the senior Bush White House. Caradori and his young son were killed in a suspicious plane crash in Illinois in Craig Spence allegedly committed suicide in Witnesses, many of whom were abused themselves, were intimidated and subsequently jailed in Nebraska and the investigation of the pedophile scandal eventually collapsed.

The entire military aspect of the King-Spence scandal is now being repeated in Washington in Gannongate. Gannon Guckert has been a major player in GOP and fundamentalist Christian politics in Washington and around the country. Schenk was also a major supporter of former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, who was removed from office for refusing to comply with a federal court order. Schenk, who attended prayer meetings at John Ashcroft's Capitol Hill apartment after Ashcroft came to Washington in , established his Pentecostal National Community Church at the dilapidated Giddings School in a crime-ridden neighborhood in Southeast Washington.

One of his congregants was Ashcroft. The Hill newspaper ran an article on July 30, , about a controversy surrounding plans by the community development Eighth Street Main Streets Project to place park benches in a small triangular park at 8th and I Streets in Southeast Washington, opposite the U. Marine Corps Barracks. The paper reported that a "community activist" named Jeff Gannon vehemently opposed the park bench plan claiming it would attract "vagrants, alcoholics, and other 'problem personalities.

Gannon hosted a web-based radio program called "Jeff Gannon's Washington," broadcast on his own web site, Jeffgannon.

Gannon's only journalism credentials were his attendance at a two-day seminar at the Leadership Institute's Broadcast School of Journalism in Arlington, Virginia. The head of the Leadership Institute is Morton Blackwell, a former Reagan administration official and a one-time head of the College Republicans, a post that Karl Rove also filled. Gannon seemed particularly interested in South Dakota politics. On February 4, , while being served softball questions by Gannon, Thune called Daschle an "obstructionist and antagonist to President Bush. The web site features a "Traitor's List" that includes Abourezk.

The former senator and Navy veteran sued ProBush. After Abourezk's lawsuit threat, Gannon came to Marino's assistance.